Long Angle Iron Trade Business Collective seeks the worlds power

Long Angle Iron Trade Business Collective seeks the worlds power

The establishment of stock market transaction standard, in the application institute, the petty loan organization, expanding the industry chain to high-end reforms, recently, the river, Zhejiang, Shanghais steel and iron-foreign traders accelerated to move. February 15, the first long-term iron trade wealth forum in Jiangsu Wuxi chill in the air in spring on, Shanghais first steel city market share Limited ie, the original decayed immortal steel city group Chairman Zhou Huarui each single word or phrase emphasizes: 2009 trade in steel trade is particularly important one year, the outside financial crisis causes difficulties, the internal market overall supply exceeds demand, steel trade enterprises must strengthen cooperation, improve the coordinated movement and resistance risk, can be strengthened with steelworks negotiations and government dialogue.

The collective is seeking an opinion right

Zhou Hua Rui has begun the former business queen warehouse steel products handmade business patterns for more than ten years, steel Corp has built up and production and marketing afterwards with tax composition an effect has pushed Shanghai steel city blowout dyed development, starting a company that has also exerted Ning The City, especially Zhou Ning county book businessman on intense feelings. According to Zhou Hua Rui introduction, now Shanghai Beach, among more than 60 steel marketplace, more than 40 people have been united by the Zhou Ning County book, the volume of companies take up more than 80%.

Judging from the whole long triangle, but currently steel trade is already one that takes Shanghai as the center, the business that opens an exhibition to Jiangsu-Zhejiang, both wings enclose, have collected large-sized more than 110 iron and steel box markets. Has nearly 40 families to be with Fujian merchant only directly in Jiangsu Province handle the main body steel market, annual sales volume exceeds 100 billion yuan.

These relatives and neighbors help characteristic patterns, were also the control, the long-haired iron city has created the convenience, will also promote the steel and iron circulation industry reforming to lay in the future lowering the disease. In 2008, the steel city suddenly rises for six months suddenly for half a year to suddenly fall if hot-rolling volumes can drop 5000 multi-dimensional to 2800 Yuan from the maximum of each ton. Our economys low development time already passed, already entered the high cost development time. China Iron and Steel Association expert Professor Dong Zhihong said. The own business operates independently, the foreign businessman also begins to faint from fear Qian Qiuhuo keeps looking at the beauty, the resources are making money, the time that also appears to be transformed in every way: Although the financial crisis forces the steelworks into the power of business economics to start to drive foreign businessmen but actually, but they must kowtow for downstream sales. This type has not established a price force, which actually brings together a life and death in the terminal market, has not changed. Therefore, this winter begins the spring collective to seek the power of the word.

Zhou Huarui indicated to newspaper reporter: If want to strengthen the words power, only have comprehensive service provider reforms. He distinguishes himself and foreign traders differ from the service provider: The current trade in steel trade is divided into two types: Generally, foreign businessmen are involved, but also in the space market, coordinated process development, and so on collection stocks, processing, packing, transportation suppliers. Wuxi valuable Xin steel and iron building materials storage Limited Rutines vice deputy Chen Shifan indicated to the reporter: Steel products foreign businessmen have survived in the crack, so we encourage the company to achieve high added value product reform, although this also requires some time. In order to further promoting the market mechanism, Chen Shifan also told reporters, currently the steel city, and so on, the prefix company discusses third party surveillance issues affected by the foreign shipment, then it can better control the operational risk.

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